Saturday, November 24, 2012

I see the further unfailing before me.

The path is clearing with a road that I must travel. My unconscious efforts have created a future that has me pondering with uncertainty. Second guessing myself in every aspect of life, what kind of person will I become? I am not sure how I envision myself in the future . I only had one part work out ---  a small house with a garden and a husky -- this was shot to hell to say the least.  I wish to be free and disconnect myself from the world but the responsibilities and pedestals I have been placed on are caging me in. I am uncertain of what I want to be, should I fill the shoes of the prodigy that they envision me as? Doing so would mean a great change would come to the world of education.  Am I  just being selfish in even contemplating this?

Ms. D

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