Monday, May 14, 2012

ranting of the mind

I’m probably a fool for still thinking about them. But it’s hard to try and get over people when you didn’t have closure or even just say good-bye. 

Timing is an important aspect in a relationship and it always seems to fail me. Timing was on neither of our sides and the lack of it together pulled us apart, not to mention all the other things tumbling down around us. I tried to help but you weren’t used to having people help you and you always pushed me away, and it hurt. 

Our last moments together were always spent reassuring you that I did love you and that you weren’t worthless. I wanted to tell you that you were being insecure for no reason.  We may have been in different stages on our life but it should have been thing to talk about not tare us apart. Did it bother you that I had a career and could support myself and you couldn’t? I never would ask you in person because I was scared of hurting you, because I knew you wanted to be “a man” and be able to support me.
I knew what you had and didn’t have going into the relationship. You were a good person with a good heart, and I didn’t know how to show you that I valued that the most from you. You were a friend I could talk to, the one who always went the extra mile for me. ..

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

of late...

From right to left, Basil, morning burst oregano, basil, and tomatoes

I'm trying to occupy myself, mostly my mind. I started a mini garden, these are the plants I have growing inside.


Meet Las Chingonas. I decided to paint them 
on a cactus bowl.

On a different note today was teacher appreciation day and one of my students brought me this fruit basket. Perfect gift for a vegan, and they even game me my favorites, Plums and green apples. :)