Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Chevron Fire (Richmond)

My roommate had to evacuate out apartment as our neighborhood filled with clouds of black smoke. She had to take refuge at a friends apartment in SF. While I knew my roommate was safe, what about all my students and their families that live even closer to the refinery than I do. Why are these refineries located near neighborhood of colored children. My students along with the rest of the citizens of Richmond were told of a shelter in place to avoid any contact with the cloud of god-knows-what. Why must my students and their families have to go through such scare? Why must they go through such injustices? The people of Richmond have a right to be angry and have their voices and concerns need to be heard.

That green arrow if where the refinery is located, the red dot is where my elementary school is located, and there are others that are closer! Tell me, how is this fair?

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