Saturday, January 4, 2014

Remember when

we got in trouble with my parents. . .
we went out dancing, and it was my first time
I really liked it and later I found out that so did you

we went to all the levels and rooms
we lost ourselves dancing all night long

at first I hesitated and you coaxed me to dance,
after then we just couldn't stop;
we both had drinks, but at the end we lost track of time...

I opened my eyes and it's like we traveled through time
the floor was nearly empty and we we were amongst the few
Missed calls, texts and voice mails.

we hopped in my car and headed to my parents house
you kept asking me if I had fun
I think its because you wanted to make sure I did

and well I did...
we got home and we each went to our rooms
my dad was up and talked to me

in the morning you woke up before me;
you talked to my mom and she was mad,
later she told me what you guys talked about

I woke up and saw you i the dinning table talking with her
you asks if I had fun...
I did

I asked if we were in trouble
she asked you why we were home so late
you told her all we did was dance

also that if she knew I dance
because I dance beautifully in your eyes
and you were like "wow"

she told me you said that last part.
you kissed me that night when we got home.
I loved dancing with you.

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