Friday, April 5, 2013

Wine tour: Napa Valley

  To kick off my summer break I went on a wine tour. Though it was a bit rainy Napa Valley was fun, however personally I like Sonoma more. I took a tour of a castle which was pretty fun and at times I fled from the group to do some individual exploring. 
The castle was very nice and was basically a huge wine cellar. Barrels and barrels is all my eye could see.

Then I saw their reserve cellar and lucky for them it was locked. It gave me a couple ideas of what I may want in my future home.

While the tour was fun, I just wanted to drink some wine, and drink some wine I did. Straight from the barrel... :) That's why the tour guide has that tube in his hand.

After about 20 wine tastings I was a bit tipsy so my sister and I sat down for a little picnic. Some sourdough bagger, spiced baked potatoes, some cheese spread, pesto pasta, and of course some more wine (and water to sober up after).  Maybe it was the alcohol but it was delicious!

This is just a snip of what I did, as I get better at blogger I will be able to post things better.


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