Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday

Granted I am not a religions as I once was, I was a bit jealous to see other enjoying time with their family. It made me nostalgic about the time I was a little girl and the whole family gathered in the park to set up games for the kinds and be happy with one another.

So after a long day of studying and feeling a little nostalgic and wanting to see my family I arrived at home around 10p  after work tired and beat. Then I found a very pleasant surprise waiting for me on my bed that instantly lifted my spirits. My good friend (if not a best) took the time to do this. Mind you she is not my roommate so she somehow managed to get in. They are also filled with Vegan candy :D! Needless to say she is the sweetest for taking time out of her busy day to do this for me.

Your Fan,
Ms. D

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